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About Reflexicons

To contribute to the development of alternative communication strategies we have elaborated a number of REFLEXICONS.

The principles behind the elaboration of the REFLEXICONS as an instrument for responding to fake news are the following:

  1. Never use pictures which produce a feeling of rejection in the interlocutor. Pictures are important because they are in integral part of the aesthetics of communication today, but they should not occupy the place of a text.

  2. Elaborate inclusive messages which invite the interlocutor to reflect in contrast to most of the memes and illustrations circulating in the networks which fundamentally express negative reactions.

  3. Avoid the use of facial and bodily images which express emotions. In general, these types of images can be misinterpreted, transmitting a message different to that of the text.

We invite the most diverse range of institutions, parties, trade unions, firms and civil society organizations to participate in this effort, both in the divulging of the REFLEXICONS and the elaboration of similar products.

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